How to Use Jing by TechSmith

Learn better online visual collaboration with Jing by Techsmith

Learn better online visual collaboration with Jing by Techsmith

Imagine this, you have your crush chatting with you. You have some pictures on your computer you two had taken during trip with your friends at a beautiful lake with really awesome waterfalls in a bright summer day. During your chat, you wanted to share those to reminisce the good times you had–how you keep bumping to each other, how you two swam and raced to the other end of the shore OR how you gently pushed back strands of her hair to rest at the back of her ears so you could see an unobstructed view of her face while you camped during the night. Slick move! Or how about you have a friend who’s asking for your help about how he screwed up his computer by fiddling with his windows registry codes being a “genius” as he is. No matter how you lay down the instruction to help, he doesn’t seem to get it.  OR how about you want to email your client pictures of your design ideas and wanted to point out visually some interesting areas. How are you gonna do that EASILY?

How about Jing? Sounds pretty silly for a program. Maybe it was named after someone cute but anyhow! Jing answers all those scenarios above easily, efficiently and quickly- you won’t lose your head! Via a small widget you install in your computer, you can capture a screenshot or a part of your computer screen, convert or edit in the program to share during your online conversations, email or to post in your blog or social media without a moments notice. You can also annotate (draw shapes and put notes) on your picture so you can show important sections you want to communicate.

Beside still pictures, you can also record a 5-minute video or called a screencast of your current screen. This is very useful when you need to show a step by step process in your computer (like for the “genius” above) or provide feedback to your students, colleague, or business partners to share.

Sounds cool? You can download Jing via this link–

Or see a step by step tutorial on how to install and use Jing so you can show other people the REAL slick computer genius that you are!

Start by installing Jing…

Learn how to show what you are up to…

Share a video how great you are in moving your mouse!

There you have it! You know what they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Now you don’t have to be a cyber hermit and keep all your content to yourself. Share what you have and communicate better with your friends, family, co-workers and clients effiiciently and best of all FREE!

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings–Salvador Dali


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