How to use Basecamp

Basecamp Header

Everybody needs a shelter. An abode where everything you need is in one roof. Within a few steps, you can either get to the kitchen, watch TV, sleep in your bed, or even relieve yourself in the bathroom! Now imagine your family who share that home with you. Wherein one roof, you can easily talk and hear their problems, hand them the tissue paper if they need, you can assign who’s gonna do the dishes and give your boy a deadline to finish cleaning their room.

That’s Basecamp! A repository for all your projects, where you can easily collaborate with your team and share information within one platform.

Basecamp can be termed as a mother or home base for your team. It is a web-based platform wherein you can administer and manage different projects and share everything needed under one roof. It provides a clear and easy to navigate access of information giving you clear overview for each project’s progress.

Within Basecamp, you can add projects, add team members, assign tasks for them, give deadlines, exchange and share files, and chat with each other just as you would when meeting and planning within a conference room face to face. This platform provides project administrators an organized tracking of online work and helps hired virtual assistants, contractors, suppliers, etc. coordinated with each action.

Been away from work the past week? Another cool feature of Basecamp is its “Catch Up” feature wherein you get a chronological timeline of events to get a good review of what happened in your projects while you were away. Here you’d get to see if your tasks have been accomplished, what files have been transmitted, what new gossip has been going around! Heh! Maybe not that last one. But this cool feature gets you back in your place to get you up and running again.

So how do you use Basecamp? Fret not! I have provided you a simple tutorial to get you up and running on your first project!


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