How to Use Google Docs

Google Docs header

So here you are faced with your new computer. You proudly gaze upon its technological prowess. Your fingers slide through the soft bumps of each key of your keyboard. You turn it on. Drivers checked. Operating system checked, Internet checked! You are prepped to start your very first article when suddenly it hit you. You forgot to buy your Office Word program!

Before you reach out for your bag and rush to the store, let me introduce an alternative!

The cloud storage, an emerging technology now utilized today for its convenience, cost effectiveness and versatility! Consequently, traditional office software have also adapted to this trend, hence, Google Docs was made.

Google Docs (made by Google, duh!) is a cloud based service that provides you with office tools, such as Document (same as Microsoft Word), Spreadsheet (same as Microsoft Excel), Presentation (same as Microsoft Powerpoint) and other great ones such as Forms and Drawing. It is very accessible. With just a registry to your universal Google account, you can use immediately and get your very own 5gb cloud storage account with Google Drive. Everything is free! If you only need basic functionality for your office tools, then you will get great satisfaction on this online offering.

In this day of age, I think everybody is familiar with the basic Office programs. If you don’t–What’s wrong with you? Seriously??

But it’s ok! We can easily correct that with my tutorial on how to use Google Docs Document, Spreadsheet and Presentation. So sit-up straight and get into your thinking hat!


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