3 Things God Guarantees: Solution

So you got your problem getting you down again? You purposely take that bottle of beer and stuff all that liquor inside your head. You’d beg again for this “magic” potion to rid your problems away  instead of sobering over the serious mess your in.

And then, with a sudden zap, you rise up, light bulbs shine on you with an epiphany.

You just of thought of a solution! You decide to take action and take matters in your own way! A quick fix solution!

Let me tell first a story of Moses. One day when he was walking, he saw a fellow Egyptian beating an Israelite. Moved with action, he sprinted out and saving the Israelite, he killed the Egyptian! He also tried to solve the problem, his own way. A quick solution to a seemingly deep problem.

What could have been a better solution? He could have used his political standing as a prince to leverage the Israelites, probably.

What happened next?

He was cast out of Egypt and unto his long and arduous journey to free the Israelite’s and the rest was history.

Now, the example maybe debatable but only take it into context.

The lesson is this:

You cannot right a wrong with another wrong!

Negative 10 plus a negative 10 will not give you a 10! It will give you a negative 20! In order to get a 10 you need a positive 20!

In order to right a wrong, you need a MASSIVE right!

So are you impatient with a problem? It doesn’t work to be impatient. Don’t be impatient.

Somebody once said, “Lord, I want patience!…And I want it now!” 🙂

Don’t work on an impatient solution, an ego solution, or a selfish solution. Work with a God solution!

So before you do anything to your problem, know first where your solution is coming from.

3 Sources of Solution

1. First source is PASSIVITY.

Passivity is for those who believes faith means don’t do anything— “It will come…in God’s time.”

And so this type of person would simply ask then wait, wait, more wait then wonder..then wait again! They become a parasite…

This is the solution for some who keep waiting for the right career, right business, right opportunity, right girl or boy and wait until all possibilities are exhausted and growl eventually, “God are you there?!!”

This is usually a great misinterpretation of faith. They say that if you do anything with your life, you do not trust God. But let me tell you this:

“God wants you to be PART of the solution!”

2. Second source are solutions that come from PRIDE.

There was a man, who wanted to give everything for his family. A nice house, a nice car, yearly travel, take them to restaurants. And so with his “noble” dream for his loved one’s, he work and works and works hard for his dream!

Eventually, he gets the fortune and wealth that he wanted but unfortunately, his family became distant from him. His original dream faded away.

Solutions that come from pride are the ones, because of our impatience and eagerness, we forget the ones who are with us and we trample upon others on our journey to our dreams.

We eventually, are the one’s who will destroy our dream.

3. And the  third source is the best source. Solution that come from PURPOSE.

Whenever you have a problem:

Don’t focus on the problem, focus on the purpose!”

Make your problems IRRELEVANT!

There was a lady who is really getting irritated by her son and so she told her friend Bo, “Bo, my son is really stubborn! He doesn’t listen to me and does the exact opposite! I am going nuts! What should I do?!”

Then his Bo asked, “What do you want to happen?”. The lady got confused? And so she said, “I want him to be a good, responsible and loving boy. I want him to look at his future.”

And so Bo said, “So why don’t you focus on your relationship? Talk to him and listen. Have a loving relationship, avoid berating and praise him on his good points.”

And so she did it. Eventually, her son changed and had a great relationship not only with her but with all the people around him.

Be patient. Focus on the purpose.

99% percent of the time, God is not in a hurry.

Why not? Why is it that when we ask for something, it doesn’t come in an instant?

Wanna know why?

Because God wants a slow development of character.

He does not look at the destination, only the journey.

Hope you get blessed and look at all your problems in a different perspective.

Maybe eventually, you won’t be needing that bottle of beer…anymore.

This is a 3 part series in which this is the second one. Look out for my third post of the series that tells about God’s promise of SIGNIFICANCE. (What is your purpose in the world?) Till next time!

Disclaimer: All credit for this post is to The Feast Alabang Wednesday sessions or WFA led by Bro. Jay Yogawin. He is a very cool and dynamic preacher– You’d love him the first time you hear him!

The Feast is a weekly gathering of the Light of Jesus (LOJ) Family, aimed at celebrating and spreading God’s love through worship and inspirational talks. The LOJ Family is headed by lay preacher, Bo Sanchez. The Feast is held at the Valle Verde Country Club in Pasig City but, eventually, local Feasts were created in different areas of Metro Manila to allow more people to experience what can best be described as “one of the happiest places on earth.”

Taken from http://www.feastalabang.com/about

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