3 Things God Guarantees: Significance

When somebody asks you, what is your dream in life? Instinctively, you would often hear more than not something like these answers,

“My dream is to be the most successful doctor/engineer/lawyer, (or whatever profession).” or “To be successful in life.”

So basically a dream revolving around success. But later on after achieving success, you would now hear a new word–significance.

“I want to be remembered as the one who…” or “I want to die as a person who is significant.”

What is success for you?

How do you become significant?

Let’s define both first:

Success is achieving you dreams. Significance is helping others achieve their dreams.

Some people, who are really have a big heart would go first for significance and skip success. They are content that they forget their own needs because they know they are making a big contribution in other’s lives.

For example, there’s a girl who serves in a charitable ministry who treats the sick and poor almost all days of the week. She has a dream someday she would become a nurse but can’t pursue it because she is committed to the charitable work. What she can only do for them is only what she knows now.

You must first have success before you go for significance. Why? Because you will be needing the skills, passions and experience you need in order to lead others to their success.

Being a leader for example, a leader of an organization must know that he can only lead his people ONLY until where he is now. And when he has led them to where he is now, he cannot lead them hence to go further from where he is now.

You can only give success on what you already have.

So am I saying you should wait to serve others when you are successful years later?

Know when I tell you that, what you have right now, you’ve already been successful one way or another.

To be significant, you don’t need to be a success in all aspects of your life. You may be successful already with your health, with your knowledge in computers, with your ability in public speaking, acting, dancing, etc.

In short, you may be already knowledgeable hence more successful than others, that you may already contribute it to them.

When you realize that, you can already be significant to them.

Significance is not saying “Go there.” but it is saying “Come here”.

So let me tell you directly now a bit controversial of what we are talking about here.

You cannot skip success.

It is not OK to say, “It’s OK if I become poor, at least I’m making other people feel great!” or “It’s OK that I don’t spend time too much with my family. Anyway I’m serving in my ministry.”

No. You need to be successful first in order for your significance to have meaning.

Loving others first and forgetting to love yourself is actually offending love. Why? Because your loving them will be subject to selfishness. You love others because you want them to love you back.

Love is always an overflow of your love for yourself!

So do not say “Lord, I am not worthy of your love!” or “I do not have the ability”.

Go first and do something with your life so that you eventually can bless other people. Make sure you are filled yourself with God’s love so you can help others get filled too.

May your life be filled with success and significance.

This is a 3 part series in which this is the third and last one. Look for my previous posts about Supply and Solutions. Happy reading!

Disclaimer: All credit for this post is to The Feast Alabang Wednesday sessions or WFA led by Bro. Jay Yogawin. He is a very cool and dynamic preacher– You’d love him the first time you hear him!

The Feast is a weekly gathering of the Light of Jesus (LOJ) Family, aimed at celebrating and spreading God’s love through worship and inspirational talks. The LOJ Family is headed by lay preacher, Bo Sanchez. The Feast is held at the Valle Verde Country Club in Pasig City but, eventually, local Feasts were created in different areas of Metro Manila to allow more people to experience what can best be described as “one of the happiest places on earth.”

Taken from http://www.feastalabang.com/about

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