Avoid Losing Your Head with Social Media Accounts– Use Hootesuite

Let’s face it, handling different social media accounts is a very cumbersome pleasure!

Realizing how you juggle different sources of gossips, news, breakthroughs, immortalized photo moments, works of arts, inspirations, rants, knowledge and hundreds more from every single source would make your head spin!

Having different accounts in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and many more may make you feel tired when exchanging one website with another and back and forth.

Good thing there’s HootSuite!

HooteSuite is a social media junkie’s and online marketer’s angel! This is a great tool to manage all your social media accounts in one dashboard.

When logged in, all your accounts can be seen, accessed and monitored with just a click of a tab.

You can set multiple “streams” which are filtered stream of posts like News Feed, all posts with pictures, posts from a particular user and much more. You can even schedule your posts easily and even monitor your engagement with its web analytic functions!

See how it looks like in this tutorial I made:


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