How to Increase your Social Media Presence with Contests

likes!Are you the type of person who loves to give things away in a fun way?

A sweet note maybe? A toothbrush? Free foot spa? Or how about a new tablet?

Whatever level your charitable spirit may be or how your deep your pocket is, giving stuff away is a sure way to get people’s attention and favor!

In marketing businesses, grabbing attention is everything to get sales. That is why most go to the wildest extent to get noticed.

Hang bright moving lights in front of their store, hire professional jugglers to acrobat their moves with your business logo on their shirts, spread outrageous stories and rumors, or even host scandalous events!

But a fun and proven way to get a great deal mongering crowd is to give away FREE stuff by hosting contests! The more the popular the freebie, the more you create the buzz, get your business introduced and leave a lasting mark to the market.

A great way to host contest is through online social media networks. More so, when you announce it to your target market that you know they would love. What better social network to create buzz  in than Facebook!

Let me tell you a great tool to create and host an online contest.

Introducing Shortstack!

Shortstack is an online web app where you can create Facebook apps and contests to maximize your social media presence. It’s very easy to create and host your own contest and pick your winner!

Here’s a tutorial how you can make use of this awesome marketing tool!

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