How to Research your Market with Google Forms

how to use google forms

Surveys are very important for your marketing strategies. To be able to target specific wants and needs of your market is surely an advantageous step towards focusing your business resources to it. It lets you listen to what your customers, prospected market or the general consensus have to say. In turn, you can have a great basis of what specific services, products and strategies that you may offer or improve to gain better sales.

A great, easy and free tool you can easily use is by creating forms with…

Google Forms!

Google Forms has an easy interface wherein you can set your own questionnaires. Different types of questions like multiple choices, check box, ranking, or text type is available so you can give different options to suit your survey needs. When done, you can easily print your form or better yet e-mail it to your email address list. By emailing it, Google Forms manages all your responses through a spreadsheet and even graphs so you can get a clear overview of the different responses. It’s really cool!

Learn how this tool can help you in your business marketing now in my tutorial:


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