Beat distractions with Rescuetime!

Help focus in work?

Distractions always come our way. No matter how much we focus on our work, they always come out and lure us.

More so in our virtual lives, it is very easy (and may I say most of the times irresistible) for these distractions too come up.

Distractions may be that your aching to play that awesome new video game, or checking up on your Twitter and Facebook accounts to get the new gossip and news, or you have that new sale offer received in your email.

All these stuff tend to keep your focus away from the new article you are about to publish, or continue your next computer graphic creation or experiment on your new home cooked recipe. Out of all the chaos, you will come to a point where you’ll say, “Enough is enough!”

“Work has to be done!”

Then let me suggest an app to get your creative clockwork rolling again without the snags and the bustles of unaccomplished work.

Get Rescuetime!

As the name heroically implies, it rescues your time so you can start being productive again.

It provides real-time tracking of your computer and online activities and records it so you can evaluate how well you’ve been spending your time.

See my tutorial about Rescuetime and see how it can greatly help you.


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