Get Rich, Be Happy

Smiling Man with Piggy BankDo you think money is a good gift? How about a perfect gift?

Believe it or not, money can come from God.  Money can be a PERFECT gift from God. I believe He wouldn’t mind if we become rich like millionaires! Woohooo!


You be rich first on the inside before being rich on the outside.


Because if you are rich on the inside, you can handle money. When you are of value within and filled with the God’s character, you can discern and have control over money.

However, if you are weak on the inside, money WILL destroy you.

There once was man who won 350 million dollars in the lottery only to have said, “I wish I never won the lottery.” When he told his story to the reporters, he revealed that since he had all those money, his wife left him, his kids became drug addicts, his life got ruined.

Now, why do you think he said that? It is because of this…

Money is a magnificent magnifier. It expands everything that is good or bad within you.

If you are broken, greedy, ugly, selfish, money will  increase your brokenness, greediness, ugliness and selfishness.

But if you are good, disciplined, selfless, money will expand you.

This is what it means on this verse, “For those who have little what they have will be given away. For those who have more, more will be given to them.” Mat 25:29

Be rich on the inside, then you will be rich on the outside.

Let me tell you of the kinds of rich people.

Happy Money Blog PostThree types of rich people

1st type is the Filthy rich.

This is the usual typecast and our popular perception of rich people– greedy and selfish. These are the exact connotation being interpreted always in soap operas or telenovelas and even movies (just think Titanic). We would think that these people center their lives on their possessions. They come from a negative side of money. I believe they are so poor on the inside that they have this belief that getting more money would make them feel rich on the inside.

And because of this notion, we have heard this popular saying,

“Money does not buy happiness”.

Do you like (or love) travelling?


Have you experienced traveling somewhere wonderful BUT… all alone? Notice that despite your great experience, still the best time is when you get home and share all your souvenirs, pictures, and tell your stories with your family, loved one, or to anyone who care to listen?

It’s because any wonderful is nothing if not shared with someone else. No matter how rich your are, you cannot be happy by yourself by being greedy or by being selfish.

But let me be clear on this. Money is not evil but the love of money is the source of evil!

The second type is the Guilty Rich

And so because of the notion that “Money does not buy happiness.” our parents, priests and religious people even would preach never to go for money with a foreboding waning of everlasting doom!

They tell that money breeds greed, evil and causes suffering and pain and so you should never go for money!

Do you think the premise is good?

Those who are praying and religious people are often susceptible to this.

Which is why when people who have this mindset get money, they immediately feel the guilt, so they would spend more or would not receive more.

But you better ask yourself, is money really a curse or is it a blessing. Is it really negative?

We need to have a healthy relationship with money so you can attract more money. Don’t be guilty.

Let me tell you what money is: Money is value. If you are a person of value, it is only natural that a symbol of value will be attracted to you. You deserve money!

Remember that money is a great magnifier. Be rich inside so you can magnify your good for others.

Be exposed to way of thinking that is not of scarcity and have a thinking of abundance. It is said in this verse:

“Let the Lord be magnified, who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servants!” Psalm 35:27

Simply put, God wills our prosperity and never our scarcity or poverty. God made us abundant. Money can be your ally to bless the world.

And the third and the good kind of rich is the Truly Rich

Whoever said anyway that money was designed to give or buy happiness?


God did not design money to buy happiness. God designed money to increase HELPFULNESS.

Principle of obliquity

The Principle of obliquity is  just like catching butterflies. When you chase after it, it will not come after you but rather run away from you. The only way to catch it is if you put yourself in the position where they are attracted to.

Same thing if you run after money to gain happiness, it will never come to you. You have to approach it indirectly by doing the things that will attract happiness. Happiness will come to you if you use money for the happiness of other people.

You cannot just say I will live to be happy. You can’t. You need to do something for others so that you can attract money and gain happiness.

It is easy to wish and pray that God may order the universe to provide for and bless others. But what if the “universe” is you? What if you are the one being sent by God to provide and bless for others?

Increase your money,increase your helpfulness for others, increase your happiness. Be truly rich!

Happy Healthy Holy Money

This blog post is the first part of three. Look out for my second post that tells about HEALTHY MONEY. Just like your physical wellness, let’s take a look how financially healthy are you?

Disclaimer: All credit for this post is to The Feast Alabang Wednesday sessions or WFA led by Bro. Jay Yogawin. He is a very cool and dynamic preacher– You’d love him the first time you hear him!

The Feast is a weekly gathering of the Light of Jesus (LOJ) Family, aimed at celebrating and spreading God’s love through worship and inspirational talks. The LOJ Family is headed by lay preacher, Bo Sanchez. The Feast is held at the Valle Verde Country Club in Pasig City but, eventually, local Feasts were created in different areas of Metro Manila to allow more people to experience what can best be described as “one of the happiest places on earth.”

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