About Me

Hi! I am so pleased to have you coursing through my blog site.

My name is Francis, a very happy virtual assistant if I may say so. I look for Clients whom I can contribute to put value into their business. Not just be profit minded but aim to extend my Clients services and products in order to serve their customers in their specific needs. I believe the value of a product is not what price its worth but what it can give.

So now you have a simple philosophy of mine to begin with, I would like to share my likes.

I like things techie, suffice to say, love of the internet is natural. I could surf for hours a day, skimming through different information, what’s new, things I could share to my friends. I like to research different kind of gadgets, electronics, software, new technologies that may yet again revolutionize and bring connection faster, easier and efficiently to human lives.

Being an a licensed architect myself, I love buildings, monuments, edifices, history, art, engineering, industrial and interior design, furniture and all architecture, you name it! Architecture reflects harmony, how different elements come together to bring a unified whole. Everything in order, at peace, and gives to the delight of everyone surrounded by it– a sense of balance. My understanding of what architecture reflects pretty much my aspiration for life.
You can’t always be serious. Work is serious but how you treat others while working should always be fun! It motivates everyone to excel! Guess who’ll always come in the winning side? Ka-ching!

I love fun simple stuff. Eggs in the morning, inspirational quotes, pasta (noodle food in general), rice, jokes, reading random blogs, push-ups before sleeping, hearing the voice of loved ones… ;D etcetera etcetera– So much things to be happy about! So many things to get motivated. Joy always comes from the simple and true.So what do you got?

Anyway, I got into this virtual assistant gig due to boredom in my office place. My shift from an employee to a freelancer is always what I would wish for. Never mind the stress and pressure. As long as there is love for it, who cares. As Confucius said, “Find a job that you love and you’ll never work a day of your life.” The fulfillment of helping personally a business to reach out to more customers is a more conscientious endeavor rather than an office employee who’s primary motivation is just to keep their job. Plus I figured my resourcefulness (a trait many of my previous employers credit me for) would be better utilized and my observance of an organized filing system would help to keep chaos at bay.

I continuously strive to learn tools to help in internet marketing. Most significant are:

Creating beautiful websites using a Hosted WordPress Site
Membership Site Using Premise2 on WordPress
Effective Sales Landing Page in WordPress Premise2
Contest Creation in Facebook using Rafflecopter and Shortstack
Listwire Email autoresponder
Creating opt-in forms in MadMimi
Analyzing virality through Bitly and Google Analytics
Optimizing websites through VisualWebsiteOptimizer

I also use a variety of internet apps to communicate, manage work and produce work. To name a few are:

Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google Office, Google Forms, Roboform, Jing, Picmonkey, Pixlr, Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive, Evernote, Basecamp, LogMeIn, EasyTimeTracking, RescueTime

The internet is one of my passions and plan to prosper from it. With my services, I strive to create a good and trusting relationship with my Clients. This is my mission coupled with passion.
As one of my most admired inspirational speakers, Jim Rohn said, “Whatever good things we do, end up building us”.

I welcome you once again to my blog site. I hope I may contribute something to your favor. So I invite you to be informed, educated and maybe inspired with some of my musings and pray you may be blessed on your way. Now get psyched up!


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